Heaven’s Cry "Wheels of Impermanence" (Digi)

Heaven’s Cry "Wheels of Impermanence" (Digi)

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Prosthetic Records
UPC/EAN: 656191014328
Cat#: 10143-2
Genre: Metal, Progressive
Release Date: September 25, 2012
Format: CD
Available for distribution: No
  1. Empire's Doll
  2. Realigning
  3. The Hollow
  4. Wheels of Impermanence
  5. The Healing
  6. Compass
  7. The Mad Machine
  8. Consequence
  9. Catalyse
  10. A Glimpse of Hope

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Despite the older progressive style, Heaven’s Cry has taken note of some contemporary variances, in both the commercial and non-commercial aspect of rock and metal. This is seen mostly in the atmospheric passages and symphonic elements spread throughout the record, which manage to be tastefully modern, somewhat highlighting the retrospective elements of the riffing. This means that we see a heavy dose of key-work going into this record, and for the most part it’s responsible for the stronger points on the record.  The production and composition on this album is really tight, stitching together heavy and soft riffs, complex key-work and orchestrations, schizophrenic drumming and powerful vocal work into one coherent, moderate entity, with the guitars, keyboards and vocals having an equal, yet dominant presence. The moods and atmospheres here are deep and rich, bringing words such as triumph, exotic, foreboding, philosophical, looming and hope to mind, and the record is definitely interesting in that regard.

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