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How Freaking Awesome are you? Do you kick so much musical booty that the world needs to know it? Then this secret gateway is probably what you're looking for...

This is the secret upload area for bands and labels looking for Nightmare to license and distribute their/your music. How does it work? Well, we'll let our tech describe that in more "technical terms" below, but if you truly do kickass...then please do what the tech tells you to do. Cool? Cool!

PLEASE NOTE: Your upload has a file size limit, so please do NOT upload any other music files other than mp3's we suggest that these are created at no more than 192kbps (stereo) and no less than 160kbps (stereo). Also if uploading art, we only need 1-band picture and 1 cover art file please make these pdf's or reasonable sized jpg's. If you don't do this, it's very likely your upload will not be successful and who wants that? Not us and we assume not you! Thanks for paying attention, and may you kick our ass!

You need special permission to access the upload form. Please contact us after you have registered and let us know that you would like access.

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